FAQ’s For Contributors

Thanks for your interest in becoming a contributor to The No Kill Nation Online Community.  Together - We are a No Kill Nation!  What follows are some answers to questions you might have about contributing.  You should also read our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy here.  If you have other questions you can email them directly to: info@thenokillnation.com.

Who or what is behind thenokillnation.com?  There’s no one hiding behind the curtain besides a team of squirrels powering the search engine using an exercise wheel generator.  There is no local or national organization supporting the site.  There is no revenue.  There are no donations collected and the costs associated with the site are privately funded.  The vision for the site was to create a unique and professional looking site specifically to support No Kill that combined all of the great things about a blog - a great website - and an online magazine all rolled into one package.  The original concept was the brainchild of one person (The Head Squirrel) but many people (yourself included) have and will contribute to the final product. 

What should I write? We have three types of content at this time:

  1. Featured Content - Featured content is based on one topic that contributors are invited to write about based on their own personal perspective, vision or experience.  Featured content will (hopfully) be the glue that will give the site its “online magazine” feel.
  2. Contributing Bloggers - Posts from regular contributors that may be different from the featured topic.  This is where you have your chance to write from your heart about what is going on in your own backyard or your hopes and dreams.
  3. News - News posts are information specific posts based on culled news feeds from traditional news organizations on the topics of No Kill or animal sheltering.

How often do I submit?  Once is fine.  Twice is nice.  If you are brave, contribute regularly as a contributing blogger - however often you feel like submitting.  Your submissions can be as simple as crossposting your own blog or as elaborate as writing a researched article.

How much do I write?  Long or short.  Up to you.

What do I get out of this?  Your name in lights and the undying gratitude of the people who learn from your experiences.  Ok, no lights but you can get more exposure for your own organization or blog as well as being able to help people across the country understand and implement No Kill. 

How do you know who I am?  As a feature contributor or contributing blogger we ask that you submit a bio of 150 words or less along with (ideally) a photo.  You also have the opportunity to submit up to three links that will be included after your bio (if you care to submit one) referring people back to your site(s) or sites you’d like to promote (your faves).

I don’t want you to know who I am, can I contribute annonymously?  Yes.  You can even come up with a pen name if you like.

What’s the deadline?  Deadline?  This is a site about No Kill so let’s not use that word!   We (the squirrels) are working out the timelines for featured content.  Most likely we will be uploading a teaser about upcoming and/or emailing featured content subjects at least a month in advance to give everyone time to think of something to write.  If you stick around as a contributor we’ll keep you in the loop regarding how we figure this whole thing out.

Do people comment on my posts?  You can allow or prohibit comments on your posts.  We encourage you to allow comments but it’s up to you.  All comments are moderated for new responders and while we are eager to see dialogue, obnoxious or non-constructive comments will be summarily deleted without remorse.

Are there any rules about what I can say?  You are welcome to give your critical opinion about anything.  You cannot make threats, intimidate, spread misinformation or do anything else that your mom would have yelled at you for.  You should read our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy here for more info.

Can I write about an animal issue other than No Kill?  Sorry, no.  There are many issues that each of us is passionate about but this is a site that specifically deals with ending the deaths of companion animals in our shelters.  If you feel that an issue is relevant but aren’t 100% sure if it’s on topic - just ask! 

I am so excited to start!  How do I contribute now?  Wow!  Great!  You can contribute at anytime by sending your text, your bio, photo and your links to info@thenokillnation.com.  The squirrels will evaluate your post to make sure it is relevant to No Kill and that you haven’t disclosed national security secrets and it will be posted. 

How do I become a contributing blogger?  Contributing bloggers are approved based on their post history, relevance to the topic and ability to write in a way that will be relevant to a national audience even though they may be dealing with local or regional specific issues.  If you have an existing blog or you have previously submitted contributions just send an email to the squirrels at info@thenokillnation.com and let them know you would like to be considered as a contributing blogger.  The squirrels will have a meeting and get back to you quickly.  Hint: They are easily bribed with peanut butter.  Once you become a contributing blogger YOU GET A PASSWORD AND YOU POST YOUR OWN BLOGS & STUFF. 

How do I get to be a squirrel?  Going forward thenokillnation.com will be seeking volunteer squirrels to manage posts, comments and news content as well as help with feature development and other fun things.  If you are interested in becoming one of the squirrels send an email to … well you know the email address by now!  The squirrels rule with a peanut butter covered, iron fist - being a squirrel is fun!


The Squirrels


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