HHS and HSPCA Block Efforts For Low Cost S/N Clinic in Houston

HHS and HSPCA Block Efforts For Low Cost S/N Clinic in Houston

Originally published in the Houston Examiner, Animal News

Houston, TX - Deana Sellens, Director of Fundraising at Adopt-A-Cat, Inc., is tired of having to wait 3 months for a low cost spay or neuter appointment.

So recognizing a need in the community, Adopt-A-Cat (AAC) went into action. Contacting Petsmart Charities, Sellens was thrilled to be put on the right track.
Attending several clinics provided by the National Spay/Neuter Response Team (NSNRT)on starting low cost spay and neuter facilities, the AAC team has their operational ducks in a row.
“We have already attended the preliminary classes,” says Sellens, “and as we get closer to opening a clinic in the Greenspoint area, we’ll  go train with NSNRT. Once the facility is opened, NSNRT will come train us on-site.”
And now AAC is working on collecting community shelter information to apply for a Petsmart Charities grant. Sounds easy, huh? Well it should be, I mean, everyone wants more low cost spay and neuter facilities in Houston, right?
Well apparently, a couple large non-profits don’t.
When applying for the grant, AAC has to collect information for what is called “Impact Studies”. This information is gathered from area shelters and facilities that euthanize surplus animal populations.
So Sellens started gathering the info.
1.       BARC … Check
2.       CAP … Check
3.       Harris County … Check
4.       Houston SPCA -… Nada
5.       Houston Humane Society … Zilch
Assuming the lack of response was simply an oversight from two of the most vocal spay/neuter advocates in Houston (and really, if the stinking cesspool that is BARC can cooperate fully, surely two of the biggest spay-and-neuter-spouters in Houston would be the first to jump on board), Sellens called them up. And called, and called, and called. Undeterred, Sellens began emailing various members, up to and including the presidents, of each organization. No response. Then, out of desperation, Sellens even endured a fundraising charity event in which she was sure an HHS representative would be attending. All for naught.
Apparently, the powers that be at Houston Humane Society and the Houston SPCA really don’t want to share their adoption and euthanization stats.
So in a desperate attempt, Sellens advised the uncooperative organizations that she was willing to sign non-disclosure statements, lifetime personal slavery contracts, promissory notes for her first-born child—anything. Guess what the response was? If you guessed “nothing,” you guessed right.
So finally, Sellens said, “Look bitches, it’s not like I’m asking for a lap dance, or anything.”
OK, she really didn’t say that, I’m just ad-libbing. But seriously.
What she did say, however, was that the deadline for this information was February 15th, and that the addition of a low cost Spay/Neuter clinic  in the Greenspoint area of Houston was not only much anticipated, but vital for lowering the number of pets that die in our shelters every day. She politely asked them for their support—again—and now has her fingers crossed.
I think we all do.
At the time of publication, there was no response to our questions from either organization.
Would you like to let the HHS and HSPCA know what you think?  Go the story at the Houston Examiner and leave a comment. All comments will be forwarded to these organizations respective presidents.
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3 Responses to “HHS and HSPCA Block Efforts For Low Cost S/N Clinic in Houston”

  1. sue_cosby says:

    How completely bizarre. I hope that, even if she is unable to gain the cooperation of these two agency’s, that Petsmart Charities will understand and still grant the funding. It would be a terrible shame for a cold shoulder to be responsible for the loss of funding support for the community.

  2. Amada Renteria says:

    OMG!! This is some crap!! If I would have known ahead of time that SPCA was being uncooperative, i probably would have changed my mind about running in the Mutt Strutt this weekend!!

    Deana- woman..i love you and wish you the best!!

  3. April says:

    Is there a follow up to this article? I’d love to hear if they were ever able to get the needed information!

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