HSUS Responds! Is it a Holiday WIN for the Animals?

Last week I wrote a post about my efforts to get HSUS to change their pet information article titled “The Best Gift You Can Give: Waiting to Adopt Until After the Holidays”.  

Today I have finally received a response - Hurrah!

Dear Sue,


Thank you for contacting The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  We certainly appreciate that you took the time to contact us, however we unfortunately are not able to respond to the thousands of inquiries we receive on a weekly basis in a timeframe that may be expected of the writer.  Instead of sending an auto-reply to each email that comes in, we instead read each one and do our very best to respond to each person individually (ideally within seven days), hence the delay in sending this email. 


The article that you referenced, “The Best Gift You Can Give: Waiting to Adopt Until After the Holidays” is indeed outdated and should have been flagged during a previous review of our web content.  I appreciate that you brought this oversight to our attention so that it may be dealt with appropriately. 


I have also taken the liberty of attaching an article from the current issue of Animal Sheltering magazine that relates to this issue.  I thought you might find it of interest.


Thank you for your continued support and concern for animal welfare.  Please feel free to contact us again if we can be of assistance.




Dawn Lauer

Issues Specialist, Companion Animals

2100 L St, NW

Washington, DC 20037

Here is the article that was attached.


I can completely understand being overwhelmed with a high volume of email.  I understand less the lack of form letter response - I would suggest that if the incoming mail is as high as Dawn is saying, a quick “thanks, we got your email and we will pass it along to the right person” might be a great help for people like me who sit and wonder.  But I’m also the person who puts the envelope into the mailbox… then pulls that door open again to make sure it went inside…

So is it a Holiday WIN for the animals?  

Darn close.  But I can’t say it’s an all out WIN until the page comes down.  

Heck, that article is a great replacement.  Until then people (shelter employees, reporters and media folks, board members, average citizens with questions) searching the web will still find the page and use it in their arguments to justify keeping old philosophies in place.  Fingers crossed it won’t be long.

While I have Dawn’s attention, I may just follow up with a suggestion that in advance of having Susanne Kogut and Bonnie Brown speak at next year’s HSUS Animal Expo, the largest professional conference for animal sheltering issues, they brush up on their No Kill knowledge and examine any No Kill related statements on their website.  

It is time that we stop making excuses, enabling the cover-up of senseless shelter deaths and start working proactively to help shelters do better because darn it, they can!  Once we all can agree on that - we can do better - it will be a hands-down EPIC WIN for the animals!!! 

Is the page down?  Check for yourself here. (As of December 12th, the page is reported to have been removed - thank you HSUS!)


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One Response to “HSUS Responds! Is it a Holiday WIN for the Animals?”

  1. Congratulations, Sue, on your letter and message getting heard.
    It’s great that HSUS took that page down! These little victories will one day add up to the EPIC win!!

    Happy Holidays to all of you … over here in Las Cruces, we have been hard at work rescuing and placing homeless animals outside of the shelter system this past week. We got homes for a lab mom and her 7 puppies as well as a home for a great mama pittie.

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